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January 11, 2012

Last Collector Standing: Lew Prince and Tom “Papa” Ray on What Makes Records (Still) Vital

By Jon Scorfina / Riverfront Times

Having interviewed over 50 of St. Louis’ record aficionados, Last Collector Standing is ending the column on an interview with the proverbial “kings of the scene,” Vintage Vinyl owners Tom “Papa” Ray and Lew Prince. For over 30 years, Vintage Vinyl (6610 Delmar Boulevard, 314-721-4096) has been hub for local music lovers, introducing thousands of people to new and exciting musical acts and exposing each new generation to the experience of vinyl. The store is now a must-see St. Louis landmark, still drawing people away from their computers and into the record store. We met with Ray and Lew in the office of Vintage Vinyl, where we discussed how the duo got their start in the record business and the future of music in the digital age. [...]

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