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At the Almighty Institute of Music Retail we've been helping independent record labels since 1995, first with our still-running ISIS Listening Station program in over 100 independent retail stores, then with lightbox and other marketing programs for independent record labels, and finally with the Almighty retail directory that allows independent record labels to more efficiently market to retail and is rapidly becoming an industry standard for independent record labels. We work with retailers all day, every day, and our staff has at various times owned, managed, clerked, and bought for various music retailers, both indie and chain.

If you are starting an independent record label, most likely you donít have the resources or inclination to manage your own retail marketing database. The Almighty database is a tool subscribed to by well over 100 independent and major record labels. Here's what the database can do for you. And if you have a budget to work specific records to indie retail and are looking for promotional help, check out these programs.

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