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IInternet music promotion doesn't have to be confined to the Internet. Sure, promoting your music to blogs and social networking sites like MySpace is a great idea, but donít forget that you need to get your records in stores to have a best shot at chart impact or gain the notice of labels looking for new artists. Traditional brick-and-mortar retail still accounts for more than 85% of total U.S. prerecorded music sales. Retail -- especially at the indie-store level --is still an integral part of developing new artists.

With the web-based Almighty Institute of Music Retail database you can use the Internet to find the right stores to target your marketing and promotion efforts for your specific releases. Almighty allows you to search using more than 30 different criteria -- including focus genre, account type, city, state, zip code, radio stations that impact sales, and nearby venues -- to find the stores that are the right fit for your promotion campaign. You can save those lists for future use or create an endless list of new groups of stores, depending on your needs. Our database also allows you to make printable mailing labels as well as call sheets to track your phone calls, mailings, and sales.

For those unsigned artists taking the do-it-yourself approach, you to can subscribe to the database and find the stores that sell CDs on consignment to start promoting your band and building your story at retail. We also offer customized lists retail lists for those artists and labels on a tight budget.

With a client list that includes more than 150 independent and major labels, from the Warner Music Group to small but influential indies, the Almighty Retail database is rapidly becoming an industry standard.

Executives at record labels of all sizes have better things to do than managing their own retail marketing database. Let us do it for you. Weíve been helping record labels since 1995, first with our still-running ISIS Listening Station program in 150 independent stores, then with Almighty lightbox and other marketing programs, including the Almighty Institute of Music Retail database. Isnít it time you signed on?

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