Store Promotion
The Almighty Institute is a product of years of experience working with retail music store businesses and record labels on retail music promotion. Labels and distributors constantly told us how they find it impossible to keep up a comprehensive database of retail music stores since priorities and personnel are always changing. So we built this ourselves. The Almighty database required substantial resources and was almost a year in the making, and the end result speaks for itself.

Our mission is to better facilitate communications between record labels/artist managers and retail music store businesses. The music marketplace grows increasingly diverse each year and the retail music store promotion landscape is changing rapidly. As well as still accounting for 97% of total U.S. prerecorded music sales, cd retail promotion is still an integral part of developing new artists, and now more than ever it is imperative that cd record labels work more efficiently with retail music stores. Labels now have significantly less staff to work retail than they did in the 90s, and the continued shift of sales to the mass merchants inevitably means more retail music promotion is focused on those accounts.

Our goal at Almighty is to provide tools to allow labels to give proper attention to all retail music stores that make sense for a given release.

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