- Lyrically powerful folk-pop with female vocals
- Radio Format: Triple A

Rachael Sage "Frost" (6:24)

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Rachael Sage

Rachael Sage press photoNamed one of the Top 100 Independent Artists Of The Past 15 Years by Performing Songwriter magazine in 2008, Rachael Sage has earned a loyal following for her infectious piano riffs and poetic, story-telling lyrics. Her music has been described as "wildly eclectic, moody, edgy..." by Paste Magazine, while MOJO has praised her "warm, intelligent NY indie charm." Sharing stages with such diverse artists as Ani DiFranco, Colin Hay, Sarah MacLachlan, Sheryl Crow and Kimya Dawson, Sage tours internationally over 150 dates a year, winning over diverse audiences from Tokyo to Edinburgh with her engaging pop arrangements and gripping melodies.
Recently, Rachael's achingly beautiful song "Frost" has become a YouTube phenomenon, with dozens of teen dance teams from all over the U.S. performing to it and often winning in their category at various dance championships. For further info about Rachael and to hear more music, please visit

Other Placements
"Fame" (coming Sept. 2009); Rachael's song "Too Many Women" will be featured in the film as well as on the soundtrack recording.

Her songs "Wildflower" & "Trouble" have also appeared in Lifetime Channel's film "Betrayals (2008).

Her full albums "Public Record" (2002) and "Chandelier" (2008) were licensed to MTV Networks.

Original music by Rachael has also been featured in Girl Scouts of America, Optima Shampoo, Crystal Light and Dairy Association commercials.
Video for "Wildflower"
Song Lyrics for "Frost"

The thing that burns me up the most
Is how I tried to do the right thing
I kept my magic at a distance
'Cause logic has a price

The thing that haunts me like a ghost
Is how I squandered all my weakness
I let you think that I was perfect
For that I'll pay the piper

For all this vice

'Cause I crossed that line
The line reserved for angels

Once you cross that line then you are lost
So best think twice
Before you break commandments
Cuz forgiveness comes at the highest cost...

The thing that makes me want to scream
Is how I tried in vain to fight this
I could've plunged headfirst into it
But that would have been cruel

I crocheted secrets like a blanket
I let you think that I was happy
But we left life fall all around us
Like leaves upon the ground
Hardly make a sound...

Till you cross that line
The line reserved for angels
Once you cross that line then you are lost
So best think twice
Before you break commandments
Cuz forgiveness comes at the highest cost...

Some people think there is no time
That everything's already happened
I knew I'd fail you from the moment that I
Looked into your eyes
Still you approached me with conviction
No sense of doubt in your reflection...
Harboured none of my hesitation
In spite of fate's surprise

And so I wait for your response

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Other Placements
Video for "Wildflower"
"Frost" Song Lyrics
Contact Information

Rachael Sage

MPress Records
Jojo Gentry
Label Manager
PH: 212-481-7243
FAX: 212-481-1073

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Other Information

Public Record album mini
Public Record
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Live Performances & Interviews:
FOX TV/Boston
FOX TV/Cleveland
FOX TV/Grand Rapids

“Moonlight & Fireflies”
& “Angel In My View” showcased on
The Bob Harris Show
on BBC2

Live performance & interview to promote upcoming shows
at Edinburgh
Fringe Festival

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